This is a short story.

Voracious, the action-packed second book in the Back to Bad series follows Lacey as she sinks deeper and deeper into the crime addled world she tried to avoid.

She's got blood on her hands and a yearning to be crazy.

What's a girl to do when she leaves her innocence at the door?

She goes back to being bad, of course.

Reviews:Audrey Carlan, author of Angel Falling Series and Body Series wrote:

Out the gate I’m going to start with…Holy Hell this was a wild ride. Talk about a windy road…no, Jade Eby’s Voracious the 2nd in the Back to Bad Series is a mountain full of treacherous switchbacks that will shred your soul.

tifmich6 wrote:

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres, the bad ass heroine. Lacey has gone from bad to worse in this second installment and I am almost afraid to see what she will do next. The chick has no conscience which is cool and scary all in one.